A Marketing Strategy You Can Believe In

Do you remember in the good old days, when you went to the market down the street because you knew the owner, John, and his kids went to school with yours? When you went to the mechanic across town, because you new that Dave wouldn’t ever charge you for something you didn’t need? I don’t, I’m only 26 after all, but I wish I did. I’m tired of choosing a company based on impersonal tv commercials, that the owner of the company may or may not have even seen. I don’t want the cheapest, I want the best value, and I don’t necessarily want whatever the latest celebrity wants.

Building a company is hard work, but I’ve decided to draw a line in the sand. Xavisys is going to be a great company because I stand behind it, and I’m an upstanding, honest person that you can get to know.

The term “Marketing strategy” sounds like a group of people in a back room, devising ways to fool you, the consumer, into buying whatever they offer. It gives the impression that trickery or underhanded tactics are being used. I want to blow that out of the water. There are plenty of great businesses out there that have great people standing behind them. Rackspace gives me an account representative that actually answers the phone when I call, and works to get any issue (even the minor ones) resolved as quickly as possible. Not exactly status quo with hosting companies, but it should be. My good friend James Pearson has a socially proactive business called Acholi Beads, and I would be able to guarantee it was great even if I knew nothing about it except that he stands behind it. That’s the kind of business I like to deal with, and that’s the kind of business Xavisys is, and will continue to be.

There are other places out there where you can take your web development work. There are other places that have a thorough knowledge of WordPress customization and plugin development. There are even other people out there with years of real world experience. While I have all that, and am confident that Xavisys can stand on technical merit alone, that’s not why you should use Xavisys. You should use it because I’m active in my community (online and off), and have people who will speak to my character. You should use it because it’s a family owned and operated company, and my wife Christen and I personally guarantee you will never be charged more hours than were really worked, and that corners won’t be cut that will cost you in the long run. You should use it because you know that it’s named after my son Xavier, and I want it to be an example of how he should live, not how much he should make.

That’s my commitment, not at the expense of quality work, but in addition to it. It’s a high standard, and if you ever think I’m not living up to it, let me know.

About Aaron D. Campbell

Owner and lead developer at BlueDog, Aaron has 10+ years of web development experience, it a regular core contributor to the WordPress project, and has released many WordPress plugins.
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5 thoughts on “A Marketing Strategy You Can Believe In

  1. RSO says:

    Excellent approach to business: honest and fair dollar earned. Stay relentless. Best of luck to you and Xavisys.

  2. Love it man! That’s real marketing. Be the best. Provide the best service at a fair price, be the friendliest, the most dependable, the most thoughtful. The rest takes care of itself.

  3. Barbara Bix says:

    As a business to business marketing strategist, I am always on the look out for outstanding brands. Like you, I believe that the brand is not in the logo or the design but in the delivery on the promise. That said the design becomes an icon that you associate with the delivery, making it more memorable.

    One of the things I do regularly is interview my clients’ clients to understand what creates value for them. Over and over again, it comes back to outstanding customer service. I hear things like “they’re a member of our team”, “we’re buying peace of mind”, etc.

    Especially for intangibles, the only way to evaluate a company is through customer references and personal impressions. The company’s that deliver on their promise consistently and frequently invariably win the trust needed to build a thriving business.

  4. Thank you guys. This is definitely something I feel strongly about, and it’s nice to see people (especially someone in the marketing field) step up and agree.

  5. Y920 says:

    Nice to know this kind of strategies.

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