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“When we look back on the desktop software era, I think we’ll marvel at the inconveniences people put up with, just as we marvel now at what early car owners put up with. For the first twenty or thirty years, you had to be a car expert to own a car. But cars were such a big win that lots of people who weren’t car experts wanted to have them as well.Computers are in this phase now. When you own a desktop computer, you end up learning a lot more than you wanted to know about what’s happening inside it….Ordinary users shouldn’t even know the words “operating system,” much less “device driver” or “patch.”
There is now another way to deliver software that will save users from becoming system administrators. Web-based applications are programs that run on Web servers and use Web pages as the user interface. For the average user this new kind of software will be easier, cheaper, more mobile, more reliable, and often more powerful than desktop software.”

Paul Graham, 2001

  1. Cross-platform compatibility: Web-based applications can be easily designed to work on any system. It’s why with our products you can use the computer of your choice. Use Unix, Linux, Mac, or Windows equipment! You can even use any combination of systems, allowing you to choose the computer that best for you, rather than the computer that will run your application.
  2. Updates: With web-based applications, updates are applied to one central location, allowing ALL users to benefit immediately from the update, without requiring the user to take any action, and without wasting the user’s precious time with downloading/installing updates.
  3. Immedite availability: Web-based applications do not need to be installed and configured like standard programs. Instead you simply access the online application via your web browser, and you are immediately ready to use it.
  4. Lower minimum system requirements: Web-based applications run on a web server rather than on the user’s system. This allows the vast majority of the application’s memory/CPU requirements to be handled by the server, leaving the user’s have far more reasonable demands on end-user RAM memory than locally installed programs. By residing and running off a provider servers, memory requirements very low. This can save even small companies thousands of dollars in computer equipment!
  5. Fewer Bugs: Web-based applications can be run in a controled environment (web server), leaving them less prone to crashing, especially due to software or hardware conflicts. Also, everyone uses the same version, so there are no backwards compatability issues.
  6. Price: Web-based applications do not require the distribution or marketing infrastructure required by traditional hard copy software. This allows web-based applications to cost a fraction of their hard copy counterparts.
  7. Real time data availability: Web-based applications allow any information that has been input into them to be immediately seen by other users. No need to call them with the info, or send a backup that they need to restore. It’s just there, waiting for them!
  8. Data availability across locations: Web-based applications allow you to use that same real time data availability from anywhere! If you input data at your California location, your regional manager can see it at his house, and your locations in Florida, Maine, even China can see it immediately! Distance is no longer an issue.
  9. Data is safer: Hardware will always fail, however a properly configured server can minimalize or even eliminate the effect of suck problems. Most servers use redundant storage as well as regularly scheduled backups, so a single hardware failure, or even user error, does not result in data loss. Imagine that Sally, a long time employee clicks the wrong thing, and deletes an entire group of customers, and all data associated with them! Now imagine that this doesn’t worry you in the least! You simply roll back all data to 15 minutes ago! And to top it off, you have this same security against hardware failure or even the lates computer virus!

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