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WordPress Dream Theme

James Pearson has always been an inspiration to me. Recently we had a chance to talk about chasing dreams and how the pursuit of dreams has had such a drastic impact on history. As we discussed dreams I spoke of … Continue reading

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Simple Terms

First let me say that search engine optimization is a very complex subject. There are people who really know what they are doing and plenty of people that don’t. This writeup will not get you to the point where you … Continue reading

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Keeping Pace in a World That’s Speeding Up

I’m currently attending the Mequoda Summit. Xavisys has been doing a lot of work with Mequoda building WordPress sites for publishers. Mequoda has developed some really amazing best practices for publishers online, and I’ll get to those in a future … Continue reading

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Client Craziness

The client is always right aren’t they? Of course they are, just ask them! (Yes, that was sarcasm at it’s finest) The reality of the situation is that we’re all in business to make money. There are some clients that … Continue reading

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Cell phone safe redirecting with mod_rewrite

This is an update to Redirecting all ServerAliases to a preferred domain with mod_rewrite. In that article I solved a problem that I was having where I needed to redirect all ServerAlias options to just one domain, preserving the ssl … Continue reading

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My Kubuntu Experience

Well, I got sick of windows again. I switched back to windows quite a while ago when I was doing a lot of QuickBooks work (which didn’t work right with wine…even Crossover). However, in my experience Windows tends to degrade … Continue reading

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