Free Template: BlueBox

BlueBoxBlueBox is an extremely light weight template. It has no images at all! It’s completely fluid, so no matter what the user’s screen width, you don’t waste any space, and browser font resizing is completely supported. Changing the color of this template should be very easy, since it has no images simply modify the colors in the stylesheet. It validates as XHTML Strict 1.0, and is released as Public Domain. It is available for download over at,and you can see it in use at a few sites:

About Aaron D. Campbell

Owner and lead developer at BlueDog, Aaron has 10+ years of web development experience, it a regular core contributor to the WordPress project, and has released many WordPress plugins.
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5 thoughts on “Free Template: BlueBox

  1. Y920 says:

    Nice template.. simple quite search friendly theme..

  2. What a great template, appreciate that it uses no images and is completely fluid.

  3. Just starting using blue box and love it! It's so lightweight and flexible, thank you.

  4. No "blue" box, just modified it to "orange" box and it looks great. I appreciate the work you guys do providing these templates.

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