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Why have I been talking so much lately about community? Well, I truly believe that the best way to impact the world is to impact your community. I was talking to a good friend of mine not long after he returned from spending nearly two years in Uganda. Something he said to me has stuck with me. He said that after two years, he realized that no American could ever make as much of an impact in Uganda as a Ugandan could. Dave Eggers, founder of 826 Valencia gave an amazing speech at TED about his locally funded and staffed tutoring centers. He says “A bunch of happy families in a neighborhood is a happy community. A bunch of happy communities tied together is a happy city and a happy world, right?” I see the value in this. I know that I can make a difference, and I’m going to start in my community. I’m in a situation where I have more than one community. As a husband, father, friend, businessman, etc, I have a local community in Arizona. As a web developer, I’m a part of the online community. You’ll often find me helping new programmers in IRC channels, trying to empower quality community sites, submitting articles to resource sites like Attackr (edit: I’ve since bought attackr to keep it going), releasing plugins free of charge, and yes, participating in open source software projects like WordPress.

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Owner and lead developer at BlueDog, Aaron has 10+ years of web development experience, it a regular core contributor to the WordPress project, and has released many WordPress plugins.
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  1. Rev. Lee says:

    I was reading your site and came across this posting about ‘making a difference in your community’, which interested me. You see, I too believe that it’s important to make a difference in whatever ‘community’ we’re in, be it locally, via internet or during travels. In fact, if you’ll allow the ‘spiritual’ aspect, I believe that’s God’s will for us, and was commanded as such. I am working to make a difference as well, and being that I’m presently not on an assignment (unemployed, as most would call it), I’m using this time *trying* to create a few websites to “make a difference”. HOWEVER – I’m not very knowledgeable, certainly not a coder and basically a ‘newbie’ to website-creation. I’m having a hard time being successful and after reading your article here, I thought I’d throw this out for what it’s worth;
    If you’re serious about “making a difference” and helping the ‘newbies’, would you consider possibly giving me a little help, so that I might in turn help some other people? – You see, I’m a Minister and Christian Counselor, and as I mentioned, presently have some time on my hands, so I’m trying to develop a few sites to help some ‘target-areas’, such as for instance, people with addictions (to drugs & alcohol, and others), and also ‘was’ trying to build a “community” site for Christians using Drupal – Uhhhg – NOT an easy task – at least not for myself.
    So again I throw out – might you be willing to help me some? —
    Thank you for reading, and God bless your endeavors, whatever they might be.
    Rev. Lee

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