Mequoda Group

Mequoda is a great company that helps publishers set up or expand their online presence. BlueDog does a lot of work with them helping to develop their clients sites to conform to the Mequoda best practices.

BlueDog worked with the Mequoda Group on this project. Mequoda is completely responsible for the design and planning, and BlueDog is responsible for much of the back end programming. The site runs many of the Mequoda Pro plugins, some of which BlueDog has written (to Mequoda standards and best practices). The ones that BlueDog wrote include automated tag management, a settings plugin that keeps live and development settings out of the files for easy deployment from development server to live servers, as well as a plugin that tracks source codes which are used to generate reports to show profitability based on different referring sources. The Mequoda site also uses some of our publicly released WordPress plugins, including our Efficient Related Posts plugin for all their related posts and the Improved User Experience plugin to improve the lost password functionality.

The original scope of the project has been completed, but additional development is still ongoing because the Mequoda best practices are ever-changing!