Stop Internet Censorship Legislation in the US

I hate politics. I value honesty, morality, and personal responsibility, all of which seem to be overwhelmingly lacking in nearly every area of politics and law making.

Having said all that, I still try to follow what’s going on. Why? Well, because I need to know what’s going on if I plan to vote, and how can I expect things to get better (or not get worse) if I won’t do anything about it. The Protect IP Act is a perfect example. It needs to be stopped because it threatens our free speech and the internet as a whole. The video below sums it up pretty well.

Go to Fight for the Future and American Censorship to send a message to congress.

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3 thoughts on “Stop Internet Censorship Legislation in the US

  1. Sambi says:

    This has all been predicted. I don’t think there is use in only sending letters to congress.

    Senator Hilary Clinton slipped something live on TV and said: “we are all in a media war.. and we are losing this war”. Now, since they control most of the TV and news stations media outlets, the only media outlet they don’t control, is the net.

    Hence, the need for internet censorship. This is only step one. More to come.

    • Well, it looks like Hillary is claiming that private media is “not enough” when we face countries with much more cohesive media. However, I agree that the first step is saying we need government run media, and the next step would be removing private media. It’s a scary thing and one that DEFINITELY needs to be stopped.

    • Cadeyrn says:

      That’s because if they control the narrative they win. That’s why our Founding Fathers gave us the bill of rights and according to that sacred document any law restricting freedom of speech is in violation of our 1st amendment rights. Rights that cannot be legislated or even voted away according to that same document. They have tried very hard to fool us, but many still know. Unalienable rights by definition cannot be taken or given away.

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