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Keeping Pace in a World That’s Speeding Up

I’m currently attending the Mequoda Summit. Xavisys has been doing a lot of work with Mequoda building WordPress sites for publishers. Mequoda has developed some really amazing best practices for publishers online, and I’ll get to those in a future … Continue reading

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Becoming a Freelance Web Developer/Designer

It wasn’t all that long ago (although in “web years” it’s been ages) that I was trying to break into web development as a career. Now that I’m more established, people are asking me the same questions I asked others … Continue reading

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A Marketing Strategy You Can Believe In

Do you remember in the good old days, when you went to the market down the street because you knew the owner, John, and his kids went to school with yours? When you went to the mechanic across town, because … Continue reading

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Creative Brainstorming Meeting

Over the weekend I had James Pearson (of Surviving America and Acholi Beads) and Steven Homestead staying at my house. I couldn’t help but take advantage of this abundance of creativity I suddenly found at my disposal. As a developer … Continue reading

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