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What’s the best CMS?

What is the best CMS? This is a question that I am asked all the time. There are so many options out there that answering this question is no small task. Once again Jeffery Scott comes through with an amazing … Continue reading

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More on Magento

Eight months ago, I was talking about open source eCommerce, and I asked Can open source eCommerce contend? At the time I was worried by the lack of quality and even more so the poor user interfaces offered in the … Continue reading

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Reorder Gallery now in WordPress Core

Less than a week ago, I released a new WordPress plugin called “Reorder Gallery” which gave you the ability to change the order of your images when you uploaded them, so that the gallery shortcode would display them in an … Continue reading

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Why Contribute to the Open Source Community

Why not? I know, what a cliché response right? The thing is, it really does apply. I’m going to have to make plugins, enhancements, and patches for WordPress for my customers anyway. By releasing these to the community, I can … Continue reading

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My Community

Why have I been talking so much lately about community? Well, I truly believe that the best way to impact the world is to impact your community. I was talking to a good friend of mine not long after he … Continue reading

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The Heart of Open Source

I really wanted to talk about open source software, how it relates to Xavisys and specifically me, why I believe in it, and why I support it. I knew that before I did, I needed to address the issue of … Continue reading

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How to Profit with the Open Source Community

I love open source software. I love the idea of open source software. Involving people in the development process that would not otherwise get the chance. Tapping into talent that would not normally be available to you. Best of all, … Continue reading

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Can open source eCommerce contend?

It seems that sometimes work comes in waves. I haven’t dealt with setting up a shopping cart on a site in quite a while, and now I have three clients that I’m setting up shopping carts for. The clients want … Continue reading

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My Kubuntu Experience

Well, I got sick of windows again. I switched back to windows quite a while ago when I was doing a lot of QuickBooks work (which didn’t work right with wine…even Crossover). However, in my experience Windows tends to degrade … Continue reading

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