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What’s the best CMS?

What is the best CMS? This is a question that I am asked all the time. There are so many options out there that answering this question is no small task. Once again Jeffery Scott comes through with an amazing … Continue reading

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Acquia Puts Drupal in the News

As many know, Xavisys recently launched a web developer resource site called WebDevNews. Jeffery Scott really helped kicked things off right with a great article: Acquia Gets Ready for Release of Carbon – Commercially Supported Drupal He talks about Acquia, … Continue reading

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Reorder Gallery now in WordPress Core

Less than a week ago, I released a new WordPress plugin called “Reorder Gallery” which gave you the ability to change the order of your images when you uploaded them, so that the gallery shortcode would display them in an … Continue reading

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Adobe’s take on WordPress vs MovableType

To be fair, this is actually an “Adobe employee’s personal take” (as Anil Dash pointed out) on this situation. My post is not meant as a slam to Movable Type, I simply found humor in the quote on the Adobe … Continue reading

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The Heart of Open Source

I really wanted to talk about open source software, how it relates to Xavisys and specifically me, why I believe in it, and why I support it. I knew that before I did, I needed to address the issue of … Continue reading

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How to Profit with the Open Source Community

I love open source software. I love the idea of open source software. Involving people in the development process that would not otherwise get the chance. Tapping into talent that would not normally be available to you. Best of all, … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.5 Shortcodes

Warning: Shortcodes are affected by Trac ticket 6444, which was fixed in WordPress 2.5.1. First I touched on the topic in my first impressions of WordPress 2.5. Then I whined a little about the tickets relating to them, and eventually … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.5: First Impressions

WordPress 2.5 was recently released. I’m not your average WordPress user, I develop plugins, test the upcoming releases, and even contribute to the core when I can. Why do I say all this? I hope it will give you an … Continue reading

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Free Template: Minimalist

Minimalist is an extremely light weight, configurable template, with no images at all! It’s completely fluid, so no matter what the user’s screen width, you don’t waste any space, browser font resizing is completely supported, and it is source-ordered. It … Continue reading

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WordPress Script Handling

WordPress has some great stuff for handling scripts. You can use wp_enqueue_script() or wp_register_script() to handle scripts. Since there are some scripts that I use so regularly, I decided to automate the process a little more. Basically, I create a … Continue reading

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