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Acquia Puts Drupal in the News

As many know, Xavisys recently launched a web developer resource site called WebDevNews. Jeffery Scott really helped kicked things off right with a great article: Acquia Gets Ready for Release of Carbon – Commercially Supported Drupal He talks about Acquia, … Continue reading

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All Work and No Play

Many of you may have noticed that my responses to comments have slowed, and new plugin releases and updates have slowed as well. I’m sorry for the lag, but I do have some great new stuff in the works! The … Continue reading

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The Heart of Open Source

I really wanted to talk about open source software, how it relates to Xavisys and specifically me, why I believe in it, and why I support it. I knew that before I did, I needed to address the issue of … Continue reading

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A Marketing Strategy You Can Believe In

Do you remember in the good old days, when you went to the market down the street because you knew the owner, John, and his kids went to school with yours? When you went to the mechanic across town, because … Continue reading

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Creative Brainstorming Meeting

Over the weekend I had James Pearson (of Surviving America and Acholi Beads) and Steven Homestead staying at my house. I couldn’t help but take advantage of this abundance of creativity I suddenly found at my disposal. As a developer … Continue reading

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Google Maps API

I started working some with the Google Maps API, and it’s pretty nice. The documentation is decent, the examples are good, etc. I realized that I’ve come to expect this from Google, so I wanted to take the time instead … Continue reading

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