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Aaron D. Campbell
WordCamp Austin, 2012

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Aaron D. Campbell

Core contributor since 2.3
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There are tons of reasons, but here are some of the big ones and maybe some you haven’t thought of


It’s OK to make money. Several of the things you gain by giving back to WordPress will make you more valuable to clients or your company.

* No, there’s no direct profit from contributing to the WordPress community.

Professional Development

Work with some of the greatest developers, designers, etc in the world. Yes…the world.

If you’re not better at what you do after working with some of these people, you’re doing something wrong!

Be an Authority

You’ll know more about WordPress, how it works, what’s coming soon, etc. Your clients or employer will appreciate it!

Get Referrals

Getting new clients and jobs is time consuming (and getting good ones can be difficult). The WordPress community is big. Let them know how good you are at what you do so they can refer people to you!

Make WordPress Better

My livelihood relies on WordPress. It’s in my best interest to make WordPress better!

Ways to help



Yes, we need people to translate core, but don’t forget about the plugin and theme developers.


We need documentation

Most developers (myself included) hate documenting things. If that’s not you, help us out! We need everything from inline documentation of code to upkeep and expansion of the Codex which includes documentation of functions as well as functionality. The Codex is a Wiki, so you can start editing today!


No matter what your level of experience and expertise, there are questions you can answer in the Support Forums. WordPress is used by over 70 Million people. I’m sure there’s at least one you can help.



With over 70 million sites running on WordPress, we have a responsibility to try to set the standard in out-of-the box accessibility. Help make that happen.


User Experience

People underestimate how much effort is put into making WordPress usable!


We Need Testers!

If we have 10,000 people testing and over 73 million sites, that’s only .0137%. Things get missed when there’s not enough testers. Please help!


Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers!

As it turns out…we do a lot of development.

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