WordPress Developer Meeting – July 01, 2009

The developers had another IRC meeting today, and we discussed the media overhaul for 2.9 & 3.0. The idea is to do a two step process, laying down a lot of groundwork in 2.9 and finishing up in 3.0. Jane will be adding a post and later a poll to get community feedback on some of the items discussed, but here’s a list (in no particular order) of some of the things that will be considered for 2.9 & 3.0:

  • post thumbnails
  • media albums
  • bulk media import API
  • make adding embeds easier (like viper plugin)
  • enable most media settings as defaults that can be overridden on a per image/file or per-use basis
  • cropping, resizing, and rotation (in 90 degree increments) for image uploads…I’m excited about this one
  • Custom Image Sizes. Instead of hardcoded thumb, med, large (manually configuring maximum image sizes for small, thumbnail etc)
  • page exclude plus reorder for blog navigation
  • media metadata
  • uploader feature: ability to choose from most recently used/most often used/marked as favorite files
  • more default shortcodes. check top ten from wp.com. slideshare and any place that advertises wp.com shortcodes
  • importers (specifics TBD)
  • UI header brushup and uploader UI

Plenty of other things were discussed, such as “lightbox by default” for images, but the consensus was that there are good plugins for this. We also discussed post types (examples of post types: book review, recipe, essay, aside), which would let you choose a type for your post and treat it differently based on what you choose (currently posts, pages, and attachments are different “post types”). The idea is to allow users (or plugins) to easily set up different post types. This will be put off until 3.0, but it’s still exciting!

About Aaron D. Campbell

Owner and lead developer at BlueDog, Aaron has 10+ years of web development experience, it a regular core contributor to the WordPress project, and has released many WordPress plugins.
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2 thoughts on “WordPress Developer Meeting – July 01, 2009

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