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WordPress has some great stuff for handling scripts. You can use wp_enqueue_script() or wp_register_script() to handle scripts. Since there are some scripts that I use so regularly, I decided to automate the process a little more. Basically, I create a js directory inside my template directory, and place the JavaScript files I plan to use there. Each can have certain keywords in the comments at the top of the file to set it’s handle, version, dependencies, as well as whether to enqueue it automatically. The comments may look something like:

Handle: xavisys
Version: 0.1
Deps: scriptaculous-effects
Enqueue: true

Handle: validation
Deps: scriptaculous-effects

Handle: x_contact
Version: 0.1
Deps: validation

Basically, if enqueue is set to true, it will automatically load the file. Otherwise, it will just register it, so that you can use the handle to enqueue it when needed. All you need to do is add the following code to your functions.php file:

class handleScripts {
	private static $scripts_to_enqueue = array();
	public static function enqueue_scripts() {
		foreach (self::$scripts_to_enqueue as $handle) {

	public static function register_scripts() {
		$x_js_files = scandir(TEMPLATEPATH.'/js');
		foreach ($x_js_files as $x_js_file) {
			if (strtolower(substr($x_js_file, -3)) == '.js') {
				$x_f_data = file_get_contents(TEMPLATEPATH."/js/{$x_js_file}");
				preg_match( "|Handle:(.*)|i", $x_f_data, $x_js_handle );
				preg_match( "|Version:(.*)|i", $x_f_data, $x_js_version );
				preg_match( "|Deps:(.*)|i", $x_f_data, $x_js_deps );
				preg_match( "|Enqueue:(.*)|i", $x_f_data, $x_js_enqueue );

				$x_js_handle = (isset($x_js_handle[1]))? trim($x_js_handle[1]):basename(strtolower($x_js_file), '.js');
				$x_js_version = (isset($x_js_version[1]))? trim($x_js_version[1]):'1';
				$x_js_deps = (isset($x_js_deps[1]))? preg_split('/s*,s*/', trim($x_js_deps[1])) : array();
				$x_js_enqueue = (isset($x_js_enqueue[1]) && strtolower(trim($x_js_enqueue[1])) == 'true');

				wp_register_script($x_js_handle, get_bloginfo('template_directory')."/js/{$x_js_file}", $x_js_deps, $x_js_version);
				if ($x_js_enqueue) {
					self::$scripts_to_enqueue[] = $x_js_handle;

add_action('init', array('handleScripts','register_scripts'));
add_action('wp_head', array('handleScripts','enqueue_scripts'));

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Owner and lead developer at BlueDog, Aaron has 10+ years of web development experience, it a regular core contributor to the WordPress project, and has released many WordPress plugins.
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