Web design & development, social media promotions, PPC campaigns
We are a small web development and marketing agency. Our clients are mainly individuals and small business owners, who find the prices of our services very attractive.

Here are the main services that we are offering:
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Note: For more information regarding our services, call Charles Brand at 702-622-1215 or send him an email: charles dot brand at bluedogwebservices dot com
Blue Dog Web Services.
1. Web design and development

You may not know it yet, but your business is competing with thousands of companies online. According to Internet Live Stats, there are about 1.4 billion websites in the entire world.

And with so many web design and development firms out there, it can be really hard to determine the best candidate. Fortunately, there are several simple criteria that you can use to pick the proper solution. Find out more.

2. Social media marketing

Did you know that people have created over 2,000,000,000 (yes, two billion!) Facebook accounts? If your business isn't using the huge power of social media marketing, you are losing money as you read this text!

According to a report from Data Alliance, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are the top three social media platforms which have the potential to significantly increase profits. But what does a social media team actually do to help small businesses grow? Find out more.

3. PPC campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can be very effective methods of growing your business. For starters, PPC allows you to get fresh website visitors within hours! And at Blue Dog, we follow a results-driven method that is guaranteed to work.

How do we work? We build PPC campaigns from scratch, or we optimize existing campaigns, making sure that the monthly costs are decreased, while increasing the number of website clicks. This is possible because we are usually able to double the click-through rate, increasing the ad quality score, and thus decreasing PPC spending. Find out more.