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One of the biggest questions that many new advertisers have when they get involved with PPC advertising is how to budget their money properly. Since you aren't a Fortune 500 company, you will need to watch your budget, making sure that you are getting the most out of your financial efforts. Fortunately, there are some PPC budgeting strategies that have been proven to work over and over.

If you budget your money properly, you can spend a small amount of money, and yet see positive results. That is why it is important to pay close attention to all aspects: write proper ads, have a good landing page, and test everything, tweaking all things to perfection.

When you first get started with keyword selection, you are likely to focus on the top keywords for your market. These are general keywords and more than likely, they are the most expensive ones. After all, most of your competitors are going to bid on these keywords as well, and you will be competing directly against them.

However, with a little bit of research, you can often find several related keywords that are just as effective, but much less expensive. These would include longtail keywords, which are phrases made of three or more words that are directly related to your subject. Sure, the search volume may be lower, but the quality is often higher.

Ultimately, Google is in control of how much is being charged for each click. Although they will not go over your maximum, they can go right up to the maximum if they feel that you're not providing a phenomenal user experience. Improving your landing pages will help boost your quality score, lowering your cost per click.

Fortunately, Google makes it fairly easy for you to test one ad against another. This type of split testing can show you which of the ads is pulling more clicks. However, you need to look beyond the basic numbers if you really want to test wisely. You should also test which ad leads to more conversions. Google analytics makes it possible for you to evaluate all these variables.

Understanding the exact value of a customer and taking full advantage of what PPC advertising has to offer can be difficult if you are on a limited budget. Keep in mind that building your brand and attracting long-term customers is very beneficial on the long run.

To maximize the value of each customer, you need to be cautious with the keywords that you use. You don't want to spend your entire budget, and only get a few visitors. Then, take some time to calculate the lifetime value of a customer.

In the end, continue to test your strategies and apply the information that will work best for you. We guarantee that it will make a significant difference in your bottom line.
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