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If you have a website and you don't promote it using the top social media platforms, you're basically limiting its potential to attract new business. Take Facebook, for example; it's got over two billion users today, and it looks like its growth won't stop anytime soon. Of course, being a small business owner, it's hard to keep up with all those social media posts, updates and replies. Fortunately, companies such as Blue Dog Web Services can take over this marketing aspect, allowing you to focus on what you know best - making your business profitable.

So, what does a social media marketing agency do to help promote your business using social media? Everything begins with setting up company profiles on the major SM platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn. Each account must include a professional looking photo, as well as the required contact information, website URL, etc.

Ideally, your business should register the same account name on all the social media websites. This way, it will be much easier for people to remember those URLs, and thus visit them and share them with others. Sometimes this will not be possible, though, because another person has already gotten the user name that you were interested in. In this case, you can add short words such as "Go" to the desired name.

No matter what user name you choose, ensure that your brand is consistent across all the platforms. If you've got a nice looking, recent profile photo, and you are using it on Facebook, be sure to use the same image on Twitter as well. Also, your logo should look professional, and its size should be adapted to the requirements of each platform. Don't use a single logo size, thus making it look either blurred because of the low resolution, or improperly cropped because of the wrong size.

Once that your accounts are set up properly, it's time to start sharing content on a regular basis. Often, companies will use automation tools, which are able to take news from a buffer and share them according to your preferences. It's not surprising that one of those tools is called... Buffer, right? Another option is Hootsuite, which is able to work with RSS feeds, automatically grabbing new blog posts from your website and turning them into social media updates.

Now that your social media channels are active, people will start commenting. The SM team will respond on your behalf, forwarding business-related inquiries your way. It is crucial to answer any questions as quickly as possible; most customers expect to receive replies in less than 60 minutes.

Social media takes time, so to reach a wide audience, you will have to pay some advertising money. By spending a small budget on Facebook ads (yes, even a $10 per day budget will do!) you will be able to promote your company in front of a highly targeted audience.

When it comes to social media, success doesn't happen overnight. However, once that the system is properly set up, the results can be amazing.
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